Biotest Rodiola Useful for V-Diet?

So Biotest came out with a Rhodiola Rosea supplement today and I’m wondering if it would be useful to take with the V-Diet. It is an adaptogen and our bodies are certainly trying to adapt. Plus the article says it should be used when trying to change body composition. Any thoughts? Chris?

I’d like to know too. i’m sure ill try this eventually anyway.

I got like 3/4 a bottle of rez-v and im thinkin about taking 3 caps in the morning with my bcaa and HOT-ROX.

btw i’m about to start my 3rd week soon.

I haven’t tried it yet myself, and since I don’t need to do the V-Diet again I doubt I’ll get to personally experiment with a full 4-week V-Diet/Rhodiola plan.

But the research and real world feedback so far looks amazing. Since one of the “stresses” Rhodiola can help is “attempts to change body composition” I’d say Rhodiola would be a great ancillary or optional supplement for the Velocity plan.

Think about it: The V-Diet is a MAJOR life alternation: training, eating, behaviors & mental aspects… And major life changes are stressors, even the positive life changes. A true adaptogen then seems like a common sense addition.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing the feedback from future V-Dieters on this.

More info for those that missed the new article:

Good deal, thanks Chris! I ordered some last night and should have it by the time I’m on day 10 or 11 (next Wednesday or Thursday).

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