Biotest Products for College Athletes

I have been a huge fan of T Nation and Biotest for the 4-5 years. I am now in college and I play collegiate football. I am an offensive linemen and don’t want to get heavier since I am already 310 but want to look larger. I know that Biotest supps have helped people with that. What I really need to know is what products are NCAA approved and what are the products I should take to obtain my goal of being stronger and swole. And I am honestly a pretty strong guy. Just want to know what I can use and what i should use from Biotest?

Anything Helps!


Most every Biotest supplement should be approved. We have several NFL guys taking our stuff and their list tends to be restrictive. It’s always best to check the list however.

First and foremost, take care of workout nutrition. The best supplement for that is Plazma. A close second would be Surge Workout Fuel.

Start there. There are plenty of other choices of course, but workout nutrition is foundational.

Thank you man.

I will get Plamza but what about Mirco-PA and Indigo 3G?

If those fit the budget they’re great choices. Indigo-3G would be my first additional choice.

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