Biotest Product Innovation 2017

@GeneticSynergy9, would you mind detailing what’s happening when you try to use the site and the store? We’d like to ensure that this gets addressed quickly.


I assumed they were known since its been going on a long time (6 months - 1 year) and doesn’t break the store but makes it act strangely. Issues have differed for me, but using the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome just now, if I add a product to my cart, nothing on the screen updates at all. Nor does my cart count change. By all accounts, it looks like it failed to add, though there are no errors on the page and the product does get in my cart. Maybe this is desired, but as I have written many shopping carts for customers, it does not seem correct to me. I have not tried other browsers, though I have tried clearing my cache and it still happens.

Other, previous issues have been resolved so this is the only current issue I see. I will keep you apprised if I run into any other problems.

Thank you! Our apologies, and thanks for your patience! I’ve sent this up the chain.

@GeneticSynergy9 Can you check and see if your JavaScript is disabled?

I’ll add on to this… If you hover over a product and click “view details” nothing happens, but if you middle-click and open in new tab (in Chrome) then it opens correctly.

I also get the same error the other poster did (cart doesnt update in real time, you have to click on the cart to see contents)

No, my JS is not disabled. As I mentioned, it happens in 2 different browsers and the AJAX call is going through as the product does get added, the page just never updates in any way.

@Lonnie123 I also had seen this issue with view details in the past, but forgot about it since I don’t use it that often. I hope there aren’t other current issues I just ignore as well… :thinking:

To be fair, do you remember how much people complained when we were teased and products weren’t released soon enough to appease the impatient?

i.e. Plasma? :wink: Yes, my comment was somewhat tongue in cheek, but I think a lot would prefer that and the hype train that came from all the build-up to the current silence. Maybe I shouldn’t speak for others, but I def miss the “old days”

Fair enough. I do miss the pulling back of the curtain from time to time, but I also appreciate how Biotest operates – and has always operated – in that they make products they believe in, want to use themselves, and aren’t just a cash grab latest fad type of thing. I also realize those things aren’t mutually exclusive ideas, and you might feel the same.

It’s always tough when websites change, especially when you feel such a connection to them. Who else remembers the litte T Radio hub that used to be on the main page? I miss that. Haha

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