Biotest Product Innovation 2017

Since the last thread was about 2016 products (of which none materialized) I thought I would start a thread on 2017. Is there any hope for Power Drive, regular protein bars, or some Plazma / Mag10 RTD (ready to drink) ?? Biotest is starting to feel a lot like Apple - used to be full of innovation but the last several years has seen nothing but minor incremental changes.

I just want my Se7en back. I don’t tolerate stimulants well and I MISS MY SE7EN!!!

@erikamhorton, Carbolin 19 is an excellent fat burner and anabolic supplement that has no stimulants. When I’m on fat burners in a prep I’ll use HOT ROX in the AM and Carbolin 19 in the PM so I don’t have trouble sleeping. Definitely worth trying if you want a non stimulant fat burner.

@lothos, I understand what you’re saying, but I’m not sure you understand what goes into putting out a high quality controlled product as Biotest does. Sure, a lot of supplement companies will always push new products each year so they seem like they’re always developing newer, higher, faster, stronger supplements with the latest and greatest ingredients, including proprietary blends, fillers and a bunch of crap from overseas. Biotest puts out quality man, years of research just to make sure when the product does come out, it’s the best possible purity, no BS ingredients and manufactured in the US. Once in a blue moon things will be reformulated, but why mess with something already great? What improvements could possibly be made to Plazma, Mag 10, Indigo, Micro, etc.?

Regarding the RTDs, I would imagine the manufacturing costs for the packaging, bottles, pre-mixing, etc., would drive the cost up for consumers, and if you can buy the powders, why not just do that? I understand the convenience of the RTD, but I make Plazma and/or Mag 10 on a daily basis, it takes no more than 2 minutes, I make it the night before I need it and it’s good to go the next day.

I do wish the Metabolic Drive bars would come back, so delicious. Hopefully a protein bar will be in the works eventually.

Again with so many quality products, what are you expecting here? Sometimes things are reformulated to make small improvements, like Alpha Male or something, but personally I’d rather keep using the best, highest quality, purest supplements out there, than keep seeing newer products that aren’t optimal quality or just another version of something that’s already out there because I need new flashy stuff all the time. Biotest is known for the quality and purity of their stuff, and it doesn’t come from rushing to get new products out to appease those who feel they always need something new.

I’ve been using Plazma, Indigo, Micro, Finibars, Flameout, Curcumin, Z12, Metabolic Drive, HOT ROX, for years, and guess what, they still work the same way they did when I got them and provide great results.

On that note, just curious, what supplements are you currently taking? What’s your training and physique looking like these days? You took a 8 year hiatus from the site then came back last year and this year to complain about a lack of new supplements, while in your 8 year break from the forums QUITE A LOT of new products came out. So, just wondering how you’re utilizing them.

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I take, and love, Carbolin 19. But Se7en was it’s own little magic. That ingredient is available in Fahrenheit (7-Hydroxy-PC) which is why they probably phased it out, but I have to be careful with caffeine and I don’t know how much caffeine is IN Fahrenheit. :frowning:

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So a few things -

  1. You went on quite a bit about quality and the like but it was a simple question - is there anything new in the pipeline for 2017? It is really a Yes, No, or we can’t talk about it answer. I was not after a thesis paper on why Biotest is the awesome sauce.
  2. Not sure about the “8 year hiatus” comment but have been on the site since like 2001 or 2002. However as someone with a full time job and a family these days I don’t have time to mess with forums like I used to. If rather spend my time lifting. I still actively order products (mainly fish oil, curcumin, and Carbolin 19) and am a level bajillion member. I have tried Plazma, Mag-10, etc …
  3. What the hell does my physique have to do with the question I asked. Does the fact my arms are only 17 inches instead of 18 disqualify me?

My question really revolves around two things. My son has a peanut allergy and Biotest had great protein bars that were safe. I was interested if anything is on the horizon. Second I have tried brain candy but I have not found it as useful as power drive. As a powerlifter who trains at 5am, CNS activation is key. The last I heard it was supposed to be re-vamped soon but that was Oct 2015.
My final comment was a simple fact of business - evolve or die. I refuse to believe in 2021 that zero new research will come out and that Plazma will be the end all supplement. I was just interested in the state of things at Biotest.

I understand what you’re saying. Your comment about comparing Biotest to Apple, lack of innovation, etc., gives the impression that you think they should just be pumping out new products every year, which IMO isn’t really feasible when quality takes priority over quantity.

I just meant that you took about an 7-8 year break from posting on the website. You commented this year and last year inquiring about new products, and your last post was in 2008 before that, so I was just genuinely wondering which supplements you’ve been using since your post in 2008 doing the V-Diet as there’s been a lot releases since then.

No, obviously not, and as I typed “just curious,” I really am “just curious.” In 2008 you were posting about your experience with the V-Diet and it seemed like you were making good progress, then you didn’t post for 7 years until last year, then again this year, asking about new products. So, I was just wondering how your training and physique progress is going. Not a dig by any means.

Yeah I really loved the Metabolic Drive bars, I also hope they’re revamped one day.

I agree and I also hope there are some new products on the horizon.

2016 saw improvements/innovations in the formulas of Alpha Male, Surge Workout Fuel, Tribex, Spike energy drinks (hello, Blue Raz flavor), and probably others I’m forgetting. Saying “nothing materialized” is partly unfair and partly short-sighted.[quote=“lothos, post:1, topic:6715”]
Is there any hope for Power Drive, regular protein bars, or some Plazma / Mag10 RTD (ready to drink) ?
Brain Candy has everything Power Drive had, and then some. It’s an improvement in every way. You said you didn’t find it as useful, but really, it is for the overwhelming majority of people. Brain Candy has the same ingredients, plus others to amplify the effectiveness.

Last I heard, they were planning on some type of protein bar, but there’s nothing close on the horizon. Finibars fill that role for some people. Others use protein pulses, or food.

The big issue with RTD drinks, from what I know and what I mentioned in the last thread, is that there are too many variables (storage, sunlight, temperature, etc.) from time of bottling through shipping through delivery that can pop up and lead to a less-than-100% perfect product. Until that can be worked around, I’d bet they’re not likely to happen.

The product line in 2016 isn’t the same as it was in 2013, which wasn’t the same as 2010 or 2005 or 2000, and so on and so on. Pretty sure they understand the importance of avoiding stagnation.

Biotest has a solid track record of literal game-changing supplements. How many companies were selling cyanidin products before Indigo-3G? How many hydrolyzed casein/HBCD products were around before Plazma or Mag-10? For that matter, how many companies had specific protein/carb workout drinks before Surge Recovery?

They’re never in a rush to put out something new for the sake of having something new. It has to work, very well, before they put it out. Determining what supplements are most effective and then doing the research and footwork to create, test, and refine those supps take time. If 12 or 18 or 24 months go by without a major breakthrough that ends up as a brand new supplement, that’s okay. It should actually be the preferred way for anyone who focuses on quality over quantity.

Biotest could, in theory, put together an NO2 supplement or a stimulant-loaded “pre-workout” mix or even some kitchen sink multi or a basic Vitamin D, and very good odds say they’d sell well. But they haven’t done it because those wouldn’t be great products, they just be products.


Again I did not ask for a oratory of why Biotest was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I simply asked was there anything new on the horizon for 2017. You pointed to some examples in 2016 but I’m not sure adding a different “Blue Raz” flavoring counts as true innovation.
As for the Brain Candy I am just saying it does not work as well for me as Power Drive. Last I check everyone had a slightly different body chemistry and does not respond the same way. Maybe some of the stuff added to make it more effective just does not agree with my makeup. But by all means let’s make this about how much I must suck and not be doing it right.
Like I said I first started coming to Tmag (throw back :slight_smile: back in 2001. Since then I have spent at least 30-40k and then some on your products. I have competed and placed well in a number of raw powerlifting meets and been lifting for 25 years straight.
But I was wrong about one thing - This site has evolved. It went from a place where ideas were freely expressed and dissenting conversation happened to a place where it does not. If you disagree or question anything you have you accomplishments called into question and are given a diatribe. Everything Biotest has ever done is better than anything ever and it is your fault for doing it wrong. Guess it is time to find a new place to spend my money.

You actually started off by saying how “nothing materialized” in 2016, which wasn’t accurate, and how Biotest “used to be full of innovation but the last several years has seen nothing but minor incremental changes.” I tried to explain, in detail, why that’s not really the case.

If I replied and simply said “Of course there is, nothing we can discuss publicly though” without expanding, would that really have been more useful than my previous post? If so, then consider it said.

I didn’t say that. I explained Biotest’s history of choosing to be “best in the market”, not “first to market”. I also didn’t say anything was your fault or that you weren’t doing something right. Obviously some people don’t respond the same to every supp, but the current formula is what it is and most people who went from Power Drive to Brain Candy had solid results.

I’m sorry to hear that and hope you reconsider.

Well then how come they usually end up being both, huh? GOTCHA!

Seriously though, it is funny watching every else play catch up after Biotest releases something:

High potency fish oils

Beta Alanine (that one was probably inevitable, but I think you guys lead the charge there)

Superfood type product

Intraworkout with HBCD and hydrolyzed casein. How many copy cat products are there now? … And how many of them actually have what they say they have? Certainly one less after a recent “expose” by a certain prominent BBer who used to be with Biotest.

PA and Indigo3G copy cats too, although not quite as much.

I think the real question is when are you guys going to release something new because the supplement industry is looking to you for the next big thing!

I will say this… I wish Biotest would get away from the proprietary blend labeling and actually reveal the amount of each ingredient in their products. Shoppers are more savvy now, and this is a trend in the industry (and the supplement industry as a whole, not just the workout supplement sector)… I always felt like this was the one piece missing from your business practice. Not that I doubt you guys, but the “proprietary blend” thing just has a shady connotation to it because it has been abused so badly.

Count me as one who likes cutting edge supplementation.

The Apple comment is spot on…PC’s are always more cutting edge in technology which usually results in some trouble due to the components not really being “checked out” enough…Apple typically makes sure the components are stable and then they make the best stuff out of it. But Biotest is like PC’s in the novel stuff they were 1st to market with (essentially) like Indigo, mico-PA, etc.

Regarding what I am hoping to see in the near future:

  1. Mag-10 or Plazma with unique powder flavoring that eliminates the need for the liquid flavoring.

  2. Lemon flavored metabolic drive bars

  3. Ursolic Acid/Tomatidine supplement with something to make it much more bioavailable. Biotest, via Bill Roberts, has done some interesting things with supplements to make them either more bioavailable or longer lasting (ethyl-carbonate for example). Other companies are experimenting with other processes to make these components more bioavailable but I want a Biotest one. Because I trust them.

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yyeeesssss please. Way back when surge workout fuel was the new hotness they had flavors pre-mixed. I would love to go back to that.

The liquid flavors were fun for a while but it really just becomes a hassle, and the liquid has a way of dripping down the side of the bottle and staining whats underneath it from my experience.

Would love to see the flavors dye free. Don’t need the colors.


Don’t care about hip new Spike energy shooters being more profitable.

I want traditional Spike tablets, the big yellow ones, back.

I don’t think the guy was really blasting biotest so I think everyone chiming in to back biotest is unnecessary. I love biotest’s products. I use all but a few regularly. I think we just got a little spoiled over the last 20 years with biotest’s innovation and high quality. I don’t know about you guys but I get excited when I hear biotest is working on a new supp and even more excited when something new is released. Don’t get me wrong while tweaking a current product is awesome is lacks the same excitement as a new product.

I feel like there is a lot less behind the scenes access than there used to be. I used to love Tim Patterson’s “Behind the Scenes” column every Friday on the old T-Mag. So for customers/readers that have been around since the late 90’s early 2000’s it does seem like the site has lost some intimacy and accessibility and become a little more corporation. I guess that’s what happens when businesses grow.

But ultimately I’m happy w the products and the content and I look forward to what they have planned for the future.

That was exactly my point. Thanks

Biotest has something rather unique in the supplement industry I noticed. They are ‘first’ without shouting it from the rooftops. I say this because I’ve been a customer for a while - and follow not only the Training but the Supplement industry. Recently I’ve seen C3G and PA rolled out by other companies… Not only that but suddenly people are ok with carbs during workouts (think SWF and Plazma).

I appreciate it. And I appreciate that they don’t roll out ‘something you need to take right now’ every couple of days. Biotest seems to take the ‘here, now go train’ approach.

Love it.


This will probably make you mad, but I found some of the blister packs stowed away in my backpack recently.

I 100% agree with the OP. I actually came here from trying to see what Biotest is up to nowadays. I used to come on the site all the time cause it felt like there was a great community sharing exercise tips, nutrition studies, and off course, all the off-topic nonsense I enjoyed. But then the spills were taken off and the site restructured and the comment sections removed, and now it feels way more like a business that doesn’t listen to its customers.

I still love and trust Biotest, and give them probably way too much of my money, but I do agree that things have pretty drastically changed over the past 4-5 years. Especially since the site (namely the store) doesn’t even function correctly for me, I do worry about the increased lack of transparency and don’t feel that a forum post asking for a bit more of it is out of line at all. The secretive and tantalizing promises of new products was always so much fun anyway! :grinning:

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