Biotest Micronized Creatine Mixing Question

I need to purchase some creatine and there is something I’ve never really paid attention to before… Ont the Biotest Micronized Creatine Supplement facts panel it says to: “consume immediately after mixing with liquid”

So is this really a 100% must do to have full efficacy of the creatine? Why is that, is there any science to explain this?

What if put creatine in my post workout shake, mix it and put it in the refregirator 90min before consuming it. Is it a waste, will I lose the benefits?

“Immediately” is meant more generally than specifically. It’s totally fine to mix it, wait a while for whatever reason, and then have it. Plenty of people mix up their shake… and then drive to the gym… and then train… and then drink it 3+ hours after it was mixed.

The main issue is that creatine may start to breakdown if left in a mixed solution for, like a day or more, so it can potentially lose potency. That’s why pre-mixed “liquid creatine drops” are a total scam.

I don’t think there’s any issue with it spoiling/going bad if it’s mixed way-way ahead of time. Just being less effective overall.

Great thanks, it’s all clear now.

Hey @Chris_Colucci this might be a dumb question but do I have to mix the creatine? I sometimes just dry scoop it and down it with water. Thanks!

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