Biotest in the UK

I wonder if anyone can help… I’m trying to get hold of everything I need for the v-diet with no joy.
Metabolic Drive is out of stock everywhere and a few places have told me that this is because Biotest are pulling out of the UK market :confused: is this correct? I’ve heard about a lot of people ordering from the US but getting their supps destroyed at customs, and I really don’t want to take that risk with a £500+ order.

Contact Biotest customer service and I’m sure they can help you out:

Hi Chris,
The numbers not in use :confused:

[quote]RichardI wrote:
Hi Chris,
The numbers not in use :/[/quote]

Could be a US-only number, being 800. Please try email if you haven’t yet.

Or try this: 719-473-5500

Further to that question, is anyone aware if biotech gear is being destroyed at Australian customs? It’s a good time to buy!

Apologies Biotest gear not biotech!

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