Biotest at Local Store?

Not that I don't want to order from the site.  But I would like to find a place local that sells the product.  I just want to see about getting a sample of there prework out.  Most of the ones I try turn my stomch.  So before I put money out on a product I can't use all of I like to know how it reacts.   Thanks

Our workout nutrition supplements such as <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma are not sold in stores. If Biotest did that, the cost would be about double, or the quality would have to be compromised as many companies have been forced to do given the increasing price of the raw ingredients. Biotest chooses to sell direct and keep quality very high.

We generally do not do samples. Most of our supplements have a money back guarantee and shipping to the consumer is free. We do not make an N.O. type of supplement with caffeine.

We suggest you look into Plazma.

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