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I need help planing my Biotest supplements. I have MAG-10, Plazma and Indago 3G. I’m 204 at 8% I need to get down to 3% for my next show this is my 6th show so I’m not new to dieting I just would like some advice to get the best results from those supplements.

I train twice a day both weight sessions I would also like to gain as much mass as I possibly can I don’t wanna go on stage under 200 and I have 15 weeks to do this.

I was also curious about the Pulse Feast Diet is there anyway I could use that protocol to reach my goals?

Good supplement choices for your goals. For Indigo-3G and Plazma, basically follow the label directions, with the option of taking Indigo-3G twice daily, once 30 minutes prior to starting your pre-load serving of Plazma, and once more before a meal. Just the keep the two doses of Indigo-3G at least 6 hours apart. Use Plazma as directed on the label for both workouts if they’re both weight training.

Mag-10 should be used post-workout and can also be "pulsed’ throughout the day between meals or used before bed or first thing in the AM. Use it before “fasted” cardio (if you do that) to prevent muscle loss and to take advantage of the post-absorptive state.

As for the Pulse Fast, you may want to ask the author of that plan here:

Mark Dugdale also uses those same supplements for his shows, so check out his ideas here:

Thanks Chris much appreciated ill definitely ask Mark what his thoughts are.

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