Bill's V-Diet Log - Starting 7/24

This is my first time on the V-Diet.
The last few years I’ve been consistently exercising and returning to condition, but fat loss has been less than hoped. The less stringent the diet, the less I seem to stick to it, so I figure the V-Diet may be a good fit.

I’ll be fifty in less than a year, and hoping to have myself back to better shape than when I was thirty.

NEPA will be easy swims in the morning, otherwise planning to stick to Velocity Diet exercise plan, with some added mobility / stretching and some low intensity deadlift to maintain a streak I have going.

Supplies arrived yesterday, double-checked shaker bottles and blenders today. Making sure I have supplies on hand at work as well. Good coffee beans, green tea, some great produce for HSM tomorrow . . .

First three days down. Not bad. Most “hungry” time is mid-morning, especially if breakfast was early. On workout days with the double plazma, no true hunger pangs, and almost too much to consume.
Not always remembering flameout with each meal, so have doubled up on the next meal when I forgot.

Hey Bill,

How’s the diet going? Give us an update!

Going well, definitely into a routine now.
After week 1 scale showed loss of 5 lbs, mirror looks like more.

Major lesson learned: don’t have your morning shake immediately upon waking. The stretch until the Noon shake is the toughest. Especially true if you are an early riser.

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