Bike Riding on the V-Diet?

Started the V-Diet about a week ago and so far, I’m feeling good. I do get the odd cravings this first week and I’d dulled those with a handful of almonds. I’m going to try to get off those as I progress.

My question is around biking. Instead of NEPA walks, I go biking as we have quite the trail system around here. I normally do 50k in about an hour and I try to do this every day, but is this too much? I’d hate to kill the biking, as I’m trying to build up for a cycling goal of riding 150k (each way) in July.

Yeah, definitely drop that ASAP. Nuts, in particular, are super calorie-dense and don’t jive at all with the V-Diet because daily calories are already tight.

NEPA means non-exercise, so if that’s a very easy pace, it should be fine. Otherwise, you’re likely looking at recovery issues.

The manual does outright say: “You won’t make the diet work better by going for long run or taking hour-long Spinning classes. Instead, you’ll impede recovery from your weight workouts, have less energy, and possibly cause your body to lose muscle tissue.”
So, proceed accordingly.

Understandable. Just remember that the V-Diet is just 4 weeks of focused prioritized fat loss and body recomposition. In the long run, no pun intended, that’ll make the biking easier since you’ll be hauling around less cargo (as in, body fat).

If you’ve got three weeks left on the V-Diet, that should be plenty of time to stick to the plan 100% and then focus 100% on the long trail with a plan that uses training and nutrition dialed in to support that goal.

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