BigSwid's V-Diet Adventure


So, how did things end up?

The Good

  • I officially weighted in at 296.2, for a total of 19.2 lbs loss. This was very encouraging, but short of my 25 lb. goal. I did have a few slip ups on a few weekends and some of my HSMs were not the greatest. But for me, it was a big win. I’m under 300 for the first time in years and my wife is saying that this is the best that I have ever looked in the nearly 8 years we have been together.
  • I am down 2 notches, almost 3 on my everyday belt. I am fitting into shirts I haven’t worn in nearly a decade. And I am down 2 whole notches, nearly 3 on my power belt. This is encouraging.
  • I hit some good PRs staying with my 531 based program. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but cleaning up the diet and getting 250-300 grams of protein every day has seemingly helped the strength. I’ve had some crap sessions, but that is more inline with how much sleep I get. Honestly, it was 4 good weeks of training for me.
  • This has really made eating on the run easy for me. It was easy to use going to client meetings or driving as an excuse to eat junk. “Gotta get my calories in!” I’m realizing that is a shitty excuse and I need to be better.

The Bad

  • We hosted Turkey Day for our family. Getting ready was brutal. We worked for days and days. Weigh in day was Turkey Day and I was doing stuff to get ready from 6:00 AM. I did weigh in, but didn’t get pics and measurements. I will try to get that done sometime this week.
  • I went off for 4 whole days. And it definitely hurt me. When I started up the following Monday, I weighed in 8 lbs. heavier. Now, I am sure I didn’t put on a whole 8 lbs. But it still was too much.

The Ugly

  • Still having some stomach issues and getting “backed up”. I am going to try and up my veggies at night and eat more raw ones.
  • One thing that really hit home in the first 28 days is that I am an emotional eater. I never wanted to admit that, but it really showed up. On all my shitty days, all I could think about was binging on some junk food. And after the stress of getting ready for Turkey Day, I went a little off the rails for the weekend. I need to really focus on this.
  • My bench press. Fuck that lift. I had been doing incline bench for the past 4-5 months. My flat bench press is shit right now.

All in all, I am very happy with the first 28 days. Not perfect, but for me, pretty good. I started my second 28 days on Monday, 11-27 at 304.2 lbs. I weighed in this AM at 298.8. So far, it’s been going well. I will try to continue to make regular updates.


296.6 this morning and feeling good. Need to get some picks and measurements this weekend.


No clue if anybody is following anymore…but here it goes.

295.2 this AM! Hell yeah!

Diet has staid mostly on point this week, so that is good. My wife is cooking Christmas cookie and I may have had two little peanut butter cookies after dinner last night. Not great, but I will survive. I think the big thing has been keeping the binges away.

I have said this before, but man, sleep is so damn important. I got a new CPAP and my numbers have improved, but getting 5 hours isn’t enough for this diet. If I can consistently get over 6.5, I think I will be better.


You should try kimchi. I get a spicy version and it is LOADED with probiotics and other phytonutrients. I eat it before bed and usually wake up having to run to the toilet. As you lose weight, try and cut down the meat portions on your HSM to 6-8 oz. good work my friend!