BigSwid's V-Diet Adventure

Time to get after it!

After too many years where I put my career ahead of my body & health, it’s time to get this shit together. I have been doing powerlifting and strongman training for the last 5 years, but my results have been less than spectacular. For the last few years, despite training hard, I have been feeling like garbage. I got on the CPAP train, but that only helped so much.

I have had my T tested a few times and it’s always come back low. I recently found a good Dr. and he is open to TRT, but he wants me to get my weight down too see if that will get it up. My wife has been against the TRT, but agreed that if I dropped some weight and that doesn’t help, she will get onboard as well.

Regardless, I really do want to get my weight down. Sick of looking like shit. Sick of feeling like shit too. I’ve always been “big”, but the past few years of being 300+ have not been good.

So, everything is ordered and should arrive tomorrow. Since today is a non-training day, I said “fuck it” and am getting started today. I am out of Flameout, but I have enough MD to get me through today and tomorrow. Bad call, maybe, but I am sick of waiting.

Stats, Measurements & Pics

I apologize ahead of time…

Height: 6’3"
Weight: 315.2 lbs.

Neck: 20.25”
Chest: 54”
Belly: 51”
Hips: 47.25”
Left Bicep: 17”
Right Bicep: 17”
Left Thigh: 29”
Right Thigh: 30”




I have been walking every morning @ 5:30 AM. I do 2 miles with a 30+ weighted vest. I train MWF. I am going to stick with my current 531 based training program and add in the V-Burn challenges on Saturday or Sunday.

Well, that’s it for now. 2 meals in and I am hangry as hell, but that’s the point, right?!?!

I’m kinda confused are you doing the v-diet or just adding the v-burn to a 5/3/1 program…? You’re going to need a carb source to get through the training. More training isn’t the answer here…and 5/3/1 isn’t really geared to fat loss. I mean you can…but your strength is going to go down at a calorie deficit. With the V-Diet you are just trying to keep what you have for muscle while burning fat.
Are you going to follow the diet plan as is or…?

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Good question. I am following the diet as is. I mean, that is the most important part, in my opinion.

I am going to continue my workouts MWF, in place of the strength workouts in the program and just add the V-Burn challenge. My 531 training is already mostly focus on maintaining base strength and doing lots of body weight volume work for hypertrophy. The body weight stuff has a decent amount of volume and I keep it moving pretty quick. My training maxes are set more around 80%-85% of my 1RM, so my top sets tend to be 10-15 reps.

At this point in my life, I don’t think I could do the full body workouts as programmed in the V-Diet book, even the bigger ones. I just can’t recover from it.

Is it ideal, maybe not.

Also, I train exclusively in a home gym in my basement. I have no dumbbells, minus pairs of 15s, 20s, 30s & 40s. I have a Spud pulley system, but that isn’t great for pulldowns. As opposed to trying to swapping out half of the exercises, I figured I would stick with what I’ve been doing. I totally expect my absolute strength to decrease, but my hope is my relative strength will improve as my weight goes down.

I could be full of shit, but with everything going on in my life, I wanted to at least keep my training the way I like it. I am doing this as my dietary habits are my biggest point of suck.

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Yeah the diet is the big key component as you’ve said. I would expect your strength to take a slight dip, and that’s totally normal, just don’t let that play mind games with you. You’re going to see that and immediately get fearful of losing it forever, drop the plan and go back to what you were doing to stay strong. I’ve seen it time and time agian, and have been victim to it myself. If you have low T your recovery is going to take longer…I wouldn’t shy away from TRT if it’s what you need to be health. The amount of body fat is going to keep your estrogen higher as well…that causes more heart problems than anything.

Getting TRT is a life saver on that. As your fat levels drop though, your estro should drop. Doesn’t necessesarily mean T will rise, but it should. That depends on alot of factors, primarily genetics, and age. You know your body better than anyone else though…and if you don’t think you can recover, you’re right. The TRT would help immensely with that. Don’t sell yourself short and keep grinding

Thanks for the advice @tstoddard79! I agree on the strength drop, but that is already in the shitter compared to a few years ago. I train to have some fun, blow off some steam and get heart going.

My estrogen is way why. The doc talked about an AI and maybe Metformin to start out to help with the weight loss. I have my blood test follow up on Monday.

I am 100% on the TRT train, just need to get the boss (AKA my wife) 100% on board. Also, we’re still trying to have another kid, so I am a little leery of starting until then.

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Gotcha…after I posted that I startred wondering if that was why she was on the bench about it. I couldn’t think of any other reason aside from just the scare tactics and horror stories of years past that have clung to it. That makes perfect sense though with the kid thing. If it’s terribly low there are things you can do to boost it up ever so slightly, and it sounds like you’re already doing those things (Lifting, cpap to improve sleep, diet, and early morning activity, sex…clearly if trying for a kid).

If everything goes well and you guys have a kid definitely take another look at it. It will restore energy you used to have to some extent, it will help with sleep, and your ability to recover sooner will come back. My brother in law tried the metaformin stuff seemed to work well for him, (he’s doesn’t exercise outside of his physical labor job). I have no idea how it functions, but I’ve seen it work. I hope it all works out for you, my only other suggestion if you haven’t been doing so already is to take that walk in the morning before breakfast, eat your HSM immediately after lifting if possible, and try to keep the carbs in the earliest part of the day when not training.

Day 1 - 2017.10.26 (TH)


  • 5:50 AM: 2.04 mile walk with weighted vest (32.5lbs of weight)
  • 6:30 AM: Shake (Cold Brew Coffee, 2 Scoops Whey, Stevia and 4 oz. of FairLife Skim)
  • 12:00 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive
  • 3:30 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive
  • 7:45 PM: HSM (8oz. Flank Steak, 1 Serving of Jasmine Rice & Steamed Brussel Sprouts, Small Apple)
  • 9:30 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive


  • I know, first meal wasn’t exactly on plan. My supps hadn’t arrived yet, so I wanted to make sure I had enough through Friday afternoon, when my package arrives. Calories wise, it’s pretty damn close.
  • I was fairly hungry by time dinner got around. On Thursdays, my wife tutors all evening. I usually get home late and have to put my daughter to bed. That is why i end up eating late.
  • I was still hungry after dinner. I drank a bunch of water, did some dishes and laundry and waited a half an hour. I was still hungry, so I had a small apple. That seemed to work fine.
  • All in all, the first day wasn’t too bad. I train Day 2, so we will see how that goes.
  • My supps arrived Friday, so I will be able to do my Superfood, Flameout and Plazma for my lifting.


  • Just curious, but are there any adjustments I should make out of the gates being +310 lbs? It would seem I am quite a bit bigger than most that attempt this endeavor.

Day 2 - 2017.10.27 – Friday

Weight: 311.2 lbs


  • 5:35 AM: 2.04 mile walk with weighted vest (32.5lbs of weight)
  • 6:15 AM: Shake (Cold Brew Coffee, 2 Scoops Whey, Stevia and 4 oz. of FairLife Skim) & 2 Servings Metamucil
  • 12:30 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive
  • 4:30 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive
  • 9:00 PM: Lift and 2 Servings of Plazma
  • 10:20 PM: HSM (4 Whole Eggs, 1 Cup of Turkey Sausage, 1 Serving of Shredded Cheddar & Two Slices of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raison Toast - plain)
  • 11:15 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive, Superfood, 5 Flameout & 2 Servings Metamucil


  • ShouldeRök Swings & Band Pull-Aparts for Warmup
  • Close Grip Incline Bench 531 Style – Top Set 165 for 13 (5+ set)
  • Superset of Band Assisted Chins (5x8) and Incline Pushups (5x10)
  • Superset of Lateral Raises (15x3x8) and Face Pulls (22.5x3x15)


  • I always weigh myself after my walks.
  • Hunger wasn’t an issue during most of the day.
  • I felt sluggish until I started sipping my Plazma. That seemed to help.
  • Workout was super late due to some family stuff. Usually it would be horrendous, but it wasn’t! I was pretty tired and the strength felt a little down late in the workout, but I set a rep PR.
  • I know I didn’t really lose 4 lbs………my guess is that is mostly water. But I felt way less bloated today.


  • For the V-Burn Challenges, should I be consuming Plazma?

No plazma for v burn usually. Yohimbine HCI is a decent fat burner.

What does you water intake look like? Should be drinking atleast 128oz minimum. The water in the shakes count…but outside of that it needs to be more

No plazma for v burn usually. Yohimbine HCI is a decent fat burner.

I skipped the Plazma, just drank water.

What does you water intake look like? Should be drinking atleast 128oz minimum. The water in the shakes count…but outside of that it needs to be more

I drink 40-120oz. on top of all my shakes. I easily drink 1.5 gallons of H2O.

Thanks for the feedback @tstoddard79

Day 3 - 2017.10.28 – Saturday

Weight: 310.4 lbs


  • 8:15 AM: Shake (Cold Brew Coffee, 2 Metabolic Drive, Stevia), 1 Flameout & 2 Servings Metamucil
  • 12:30 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive & 1 Flameout
  • 3:30 PM – V-Burn
  • 4:30 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive & 1 Flameout
  • 7:00 PM – Roasted Turkey (lots) with Green Beans, TBSP serving of Mac & Cheese, TBSP serving of Stuffing
  • 10:30 PM: 3 Flameout & 2 Servings Metamucil


  • Beginner V-Burn Challenge 40m08s
  • Brutal


  • Felt pretty good today.
  • V-Burn Challenge sucked. My wife did it with me which slowed me down a bit……but holy crap, I was sucking wind.
  • We’re hosting Turkey Day for the first time this year. We have been doing test runs on the meal and we had one planned for Saturday. I was not very disciplined. That being said, I ate way, way less than I normally would have on a Saturday night. I skipped the last shake as I was feeling guilty.

Day 4 - 2017.10.29 – Sunday

Weight: 310.4 lbs


  • 12:00 PM: Shake (Cold Brew Coffee, 2 Metabolic Drive, Stevia), 3 Flameout & 2 Servings Metamucil
  • 2:30 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive & 1 Flameout
  • 4:45 PM: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive & 1 Flameout
  • 8:00 PM – Roasted Turkey (slightly less than lots) with Green Beans, TBSP serving of Mac & Cheese, TBSP serving of Stuffing
  • 10:30 PM: 3 Flameout & 2 Servings Metamucil


  • No NEPA walk, but I did cut the grass and do a crap load of work around the house.


  • Rough day for the family. Ate more than I would have liked to for dinner. This is my biggest struggle. Going through the day is fine, but I get to night and I’m crabby as hell and hangry. Got get more disciplined.
  • Wish I would have gotten my actual walk in, but it wasn’t in the cards.
  • My CPAP has been wonky the past few weeks, so I don’t think I’m sleeping as well as I should. Got to get that figured out.

@BigSwid - couple of notes as I read through your log

  • Need to find a way to stay in the target calorie range for your HSM(dinner)

  • I agree with @tstoddard79 that doing 5/3/1 while on this V-Diet is more likely to knock you off track than keep you motivated to stay on

  • My unsolicited advice is to do what I did - back burner your 5/3/1 training and do the beginner V-Diet training as laid out

  • From everything I read, the V-Diet nutrition and training has a very symbiotic relationship to increase your fat burning - going other routes is disadvantageous to this symbiosis and won’t give you the results you are hoping for

  • If this is going to be a life-long behavior modification and not just a 4 week tease, you should do the plan as it’s laid out and then pick up other training as desired. That way you’ll know exactly what this diet can do for you (and what it can’t) without wondering if it would have been better or worse due to other variables

  • Again, that’s my unsolicited advice

  • Further, continue to drink a lot of water. That will help you stay satiated between shakes/meals

  • I have found that eating a large portion of salad with veggies really helps fill me up at HSM time

  • I should patent my @CDMac24 100g salad (100g salad mix, 100g red bell pepper 100g roma tomato, 100g avocado)

  • The main thing you’re going to want to take away from this experience is the behavior modification as far as portion sizes and mindful eating that’s mentioned in the book

  • You’ve already lost 5 pounds and that’s AWESOME but if you want to make the changes you’ve mentioned it’s going to take longer than 4 weeks to get there and the only way to do that is to change the habits you’ve developed over time

  • I know I was in the same place where I just basically quit giving a crap about what and how much I was eating

  • We both came to the same place and have to make the same changes

  • I’m rooting for your to make those changes and live a long, healthy life

@CDMac24, thanks for all the advice. I certainly appreciate it. I am going to take a look at doing the V-Diet workouts, but as I said, I don’t have dumbbells. I am pretty limited it my equipment. Without dumbbells, I have to find substitutes for 3 of the movements. I also don’t have a lat tower, so pulldows will be tough. If @Chris_Colucci thinks I should just do the barbell equivalents, I will give it go.

As far as the diet, you are right. Saturday and Sunday were bad. I was at the top end of calories Thursday and Friday. Being 300+ lbs reviewing the plan with my Dr., he didn’t want me going under 2000 calories a day.

Still, got do do better.


Yeah, if you find that going lower than 2000/day is more detrimental than not, it might be best to take a slower approach and a longer term caloric deficit plan.

I started V-Diet after really being on a somewhat strict ~500 calorie deficit for a couple of months so I was already in fat burn mode coming into it and wasn’t as big as you are

I’d definitely listen to what @Chris_Colucci says as he’s probably seen many more situations/circumstances than any of us

Main things is to just commit to the lifestyle changes and that will carry you through

Do you know how to calculate your BMR and TEE and determine your caloric needs?

BMR is 2726 calories a day. My TEE is between 3750 and 3800 calories. I had been trying to stay between 3000-3500, which worked great. But my discipline is crap during the weekend and I would binge…basically, undoing all my progress during the week.

I am trying to overhaul my lifestyle, so if the weight comes off a little slower and the plan is a bit easier to stick with my keeping my calories a little higher, I am fine with that.

GREAT! Just wanted to make sure you knew how to calculate all that data.

Some don’t know that and without that information, they are lost when people start telling them to do a 500 calorie daily deficit.

I missed the part you mentioned not having dumbbells; my apologies on that.

No worries dude, I am a little long winded.

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