Bigfun4040's V-Diet Log

I’m 24, going on 25, and recently married. I played D-1 basketball (well I sat the bench, but w/e) but since I stopped with that I’ve lost the consistent workouts and the nutrition has gone to hell. I’ve tried numerous times to get back into it but end up finding some excuse to eat something bad and then I fail to get back into a good habit.

Using the V-Diet to try to change my lifestyle around. Hopefully the changes I make during this month will lead to better nutrition and workout consistency, as well as restore the self image I’ve been missing for a few years.

Will be posting on here as frequently as possible.

Following are my beginning measurements:

Height - 6’6"
Weight - 273.9
Neck - 17.25
Shoulders - 24 (from one to the other, didn’t know exactly which way to measure)
Upper Chest - 45.5
Lower Chest - 44
Waist, Navel - 48
Hips - 44.5
L Upper Arm - 14.75
R Upper Arm - 14.5
L Upper Leg - 27.5
R Upper Leg - 27.5
L Lower Leg - 16
R Lower Leg - 16
L Ankle - 10
R Ankle - 10

Photos to follow.

Front 10/25

Welcome! Keep us posted!

Side 10/25/10

Back 10/25/10

Drinking the bedtime shake now. Today went 100x better than I thought it was going to go. I thought my first day I’d be craving food all day long. I actually found it very easy to just drink the shakes and didn’t crave any food. Coworkers all went out to eat and I didn’t even have the urge to join them, which if you knew me you’d know that is very very rare, lol.

I am doing the beginner workouts since I haven’t consistently lifted in almost a year. The first workout I used weights too light, but I’ll make adjustments and have it correct the next time. It feels good to have a routine to follow.

Can’t wait to be in better shape and have a better lifestyle!!

Halfway through day 3. 1st 2 days went really well. No cravings for solid food yet. Today I’m feeling a little sluggish and a little sick to my stomach. Don’t know if that’s because of the V Diet, or just naturally not feeling well. It could also have to do w/ I’m at work and don’t want to be, lol.

Have been taking a bunch of shit from coworkers about this diet, so that’s even more inspiration for me to follow this thru and to change my life around.

2nd workout is tonight. Looking forward to it. I really want to get back into that routine and this is the beginning of that. Super sore from the 1st workout, can’t wait to hit the weights again and start to get used to the exercise so I can move around the day after the lifting.

You’ll find a lot of people report feeling a little nausea and sluggishness sometime during the first week, I know I sure did. But hang in there, it will pass.

Glad to have you aboard! Stay focused, you are in control.

Thanks Braden… it did pass.

Did my 1 week measurements last night… either stayed the same or went down! Chest and stomach went down, which is most important to me, so I’m very happy. Will post results later tonight.

Weight went down to 263.1 so that’s down 10.8 and the BF is down to 29.9% (started @ 31.1%) so definitely happy that’s going down as well.

HSM was good. I’ve found myself thinking about food during the days, but nothing really hits me as I need to eat right now. Every now and then I struggle getting the shakes down, but I power thru it.

1st V Burn challenge tonight, will post the time when completed.

Just finished my first V Burn challenge. Doing the beginner workouts.

V Burn time - 24 min 54 sec

Feel good about that time and know there is room for improvement as I took a couple breathers in there.

Way to go! The vburn is a killer workout isn’t it! Good job on week 1!

Day 11 almost done. I’ve got to say, this is pretty easy, except everyday I seem to get overloaded w/ all the commercials and really just crave some food for about an hour or 2. I feel sorry for the people who are around me at that time, lol.

Looking forward to what the measurements say at the end of this 2nd week. I feel like I’ve lost some fat in my face, and maybe a little more around the midsection. Not going to lie, I’m dying to see the end of this diet, but it’s doing wonders for my confidence that I still possess the will power to do something as difficult as this.

After the 2nd week, the weight is at 258. That’s down 15 overall!!

Have done measurements and they all have either stayed the same or gone down.

This may not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s getting me incredible results. Less than 2 weeks left!

Forgot to post this earlier.

2nd V Burn challenge - 18 mins 55 sec. Down 6 minutes from the first week.

Weigh in after 3rd week. 254.9 lbs. Down 3 from last week. One more week to go.

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