Bigdaddy's V-Diet Log

Just got my shipment in today and am planning on starting up my diet on Sunday. Actually pretty damn excited about starting up and getting in better shape.
I am working in the ER and the schedule is gonna make my dieting and training a little more challenging but am looking forward to working around it and making magic happen with my diet and workouts.
Hoping to have you guys and gals keep me and my diet in check, feel free to call me out whenever I do something stupid. Pictures soon to come.

Glad to have you on board, BigDaddy!

Welcome to the V-Team! Much success man.

Alright fellas, did my measurements this morning and can’t wait to change these numbers.


Height 73 in
Weight 241.2 lbs
BF% 25.4 per scale
Neck 17.5 in
Shoulders 54.5 in
Chest Upper 46.5 in
Chest Lower 45 in
Waist-navel 41 in
Waist - largest 41 in
Hips 42 in
Left Biceps 16 in
Right Biceps 16 in
Left Thigh 25 in
Right Thigh 25 in
Left Calf 16.5 in
Right Calf 16.5 in
Left Ankle 9.5 in
Right Calf 9.5 in

Pics and day 1 log to come

First day of dieting is over and I am surprised at how well it went. I was 100% spot on with my diet even though I was at a friends house watching the Lakers game and pizza, beer, chips and deserts were present.
Finished my NEPA, 30 min walk on treadmill at a 3 degree incline at 4.0

Here are my day 1 photos, plan on taking new pics every 2 weeks.

Back Day 1

Front Day 1

Day 2
Already hit my first minor speed bump. I was planning on going to the gym today after work but little did I know that the 24hr fitness by my house closes at 11pm (shows how long it has been since I went to that gym). I worked a 14hr day and thought I would be slick and hit the gym tonight after work, obviously didn’t happen.
Tomorrow I now have to wake up earlier to hit the gym before I go back to work for another long day.
Diet was spot on again, shakes aren’t too bad actually.
NEPA 30 min on treadmill at 3.8MPH at 2 degree incline

Hey, at least now you know the hours :wink: But why is it called 24hr fitness if it closes at 11pm, haha. 14 hours is a brutal work day, congrats for even trying to hit the gym after a day like that!

Ethan, thanks! I should had known better than to think that 24hr fitness would be open 24hrs.

Day 3
Another long day at work. 12hr shift that was luckily pretty calm, I was able to drink all my shakes on time.
Did my workout today and the numbers are as follows

Pulldowns: 180x8 190x6 190x 6
Front Squats 225x6 225x6 225x4 225x4
DB Bench 85x8 85x8 85x6
Ab wheel 8, 6, 5, 1

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