Big Thanks!


Been lurking for roughly a year and have decided it’s time to contribute!

I had always been the “buy random supplements from chain stores and Amazon” kind of guy but about a year ago after completing my second year in the Exercise Physiology program at my school I could see that they simply don’t teach what I feel is necessary.

Anyways, I’ve been reading T-Nation ever since as well as the many different research databases. When I finally decided to pull the trigger and try Plazma, MAG-10, Indigo 3-G, Flameout, and Carbolin 19 I was astonished by the results! I just wanted to say thanks to this site, the people, and Biotest for the continued education and motivation I feel I receive. Now not only do I challenge professors to read new things and new ideas but I am finishing up school in hopes of being accepted to a medical school program! Again, just wanted to give my deepest thank you to everyone who makes this place so great!


Very cool to hear. Keep going with it.

I’d just say to pick your battles when it comes to trying to “enlighten” your professors. A lot of the time, that tends not to be received too well by set-in-their-ways, non-lifting, book learnin’ types. but if they’re open to it, all the better.

You’ve probably seen this article from Rippetoe before, but it’s right up your alley:


I have read that before and it’s good to read again. It can be frustrating sometimes as one professor says one thing and the other says something totally different.

For instance, a professor I had recently is a HUGE Mike Boyle advocate. This guy would not teach something that Boyle does not support. I think that is very narrow-minded and is not the point of science. Challenging points, ideas, and having many different ways of accomplishing goals is what makes it fun to me!