BGriff's Velocity Diet Training Log

So, a little about me and why I have decided on the V-Diet. I am a 25 yo male and have always been active in sports and exercise, however I have never really had the kind of body that I wanted… the kind of body where I can walk around without a shirt on an be completely self-confident. I consider myself athletically to be in good shape, but I do not consider my body to be in good shape.

Over the years, especially during and since college, I have gained a few unwanted pounds. Well, some friends and I have just recently booked a cruise for the first week of August. I figure it is now or never to get motivated for the kind of beach body I want. I have lifted before, and been on various training programs, but never stuck to them, and have not been on one for quite a while. This V-Diet seems like an all-or-nothing thing. I received my Supplements this past Friday and am pumped to start tomorrow. Depending on how things go the first time around, my plan is:

4/26 - 5/23 - V-Diet Round 1
5/24 - 6/06 - Transition Weeks 1 and 2
6/07 - 7/04 - Regular Weight Training
7/05 - 8/01 - V-Diet Round 2
8/02 - 8/15 - Transition Weeks 1 and 2
CRUISING Mid-August!!

Goals before Cruise: Lose 20 total pounds, 3-4 inches off my waist, gain definition and tone in my upper body

Day 0 Measurements:

Height:…6 foot
BF %:…24.8
Chest- upper:…38.0
Chest- lower:…36.5
Waist @ naval:…36.5
Waist @ largest:…37.5
Hips @ largest:…37.0
Upper Arm- L:…14.0
Upper Arm- R:…15.0
Upper Leg- L:…23.0
Upper Leg- R:…23.0
Lower Leg- L:…15.0
Lower Leg- R:…15.0

EDIT: I have tried unsuccessfully, many times, to try and get an actual photo in my post, rather than a link to one. How do I do this?

Dude, you planning to do 2 V-Diets? Wow, that’s really courageous. I wish you best of luck.
Welcome to the team!

Yea I am coming to the end of my first V-Diet, I can’t imagine going to it again fully for a long time. Like a year or more. I would do and probably do the light version for a bit or later in the year.
Have a good journey!!!

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