Better Supplement for Building Mass

I just purchased a bottle of Alpha Male as im assuming my levels of testosterone are very low. I used anabolics for an extended period of time up until last fall. then I completely stopped and didn’t use anything to naturally try and raise my levels.

I started reading about Biotest’s various supplements recently and was wondering if I cud only afford one supplement which one wud put muscle mass on most effectively. I am 48 so I figure my T levels are low. I called the Biotest customer service to ask their advice about which supplement wud best suit me.

I was told that even if my levels of T are low MAG-10 wud still work best if I cud only afford one supplement. I have read about the importance of peri workout nutrition. Is the nutrition in MAG-10 that much better of an option during this critical time(peri workout)than just taking Alpha Male and skipping the nutrition in MAG-10?

… So you have an answer from the people who make the products themselves, and are asking people who could be (and likely are) less knowledgeable and experienced for their opinion?

Secondly… Spend the 60 bucks or so and get your test levels checked. You could have a medical condition that needs treatment by a doctor. Not that Alpha Male isnt a great product, but it isnt the real stuff if you genuinely need it.

I agree. Get your T levels checked. If it’s medically go, get replacement therapy. If it’s normal, low-normal or high normal, Alpha Male will boost it higher. If your hypogonadal, a good doc will help you get it up to normal.

Our general advice for everyone that isn’t using optimal workout nutrition is to take care of that first. Without it, you’re really missing out on the best gains. Plazma and Mag-10 are what you need to look into, particularly <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. This is a different category than T booster however. And T boosters aren’t “peri-workout” nutrition either. Different supplements for different purposes, but both important. Getting your T checked will help you decide, though everyone who trains hard enough needs peri-workout nutrition to reap the most results from each training session.

thank you very much Chris. uve answered my question. much appreciated!

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