Beth's V-Diet

So, tomorrow is the beginning of my V-Diet. I am completely new to this idea of posting my progress, and am petrified of uploading pictures of myself! But it has been really good to see other peoples progress and I am very excited by the next 4 weeks of this diet.

I have done weight training on and off, and my husband is a complete convert, so I figured it was about time that I took the plunge and got stuck in. I have always had, I guess, an unhealthy relationship with food. I crave sweet things so much, and see food, especially sweet foods and carbs in general as a reward for exercise. I am desperate to break this trend and see what I can achieve. None of my friends weight-train, and would think I was barking mad for doing this diet, but I have the full support of my husband and I am incredibly grateful for that!

Right, will post measurements/weight/pictures tomorrow as I begin. thanks for reading this!

Don’t worry, we’re here for ya. And we’re looking forward to seeing your progress!

Any specific questions, be sure to post them in the “Ask Chris” threads.

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