Bethanie's First Week on V-Diet

So, this week started out kinda rough. I started out on the Saturday after Thanksgiving thinking that all of my other diets starting on Monday didn’t really work out too well. So, why wait until Monday, right? Anyway, I read the posts before I ordered and opted for Chocolate and Strawberry, since I am not a fan of Vanilla and Banana. Now I wish I would have switched it up a bit, with a vanilla.

First shake - YUCK! I put WAAAAY too much ice, it turned out to be like 24 ounces and it was tough to get it all down. The first shake has two scoops of protein and the Superfood. The Superfood doesn’t really taste bad but it kills any small of yummy chocolate or strawberry I am pretending that I am drinking a yummy shake. Since I took my supplements first, I was plenty full by the time I finished with my mega monster shake.

Throughout the day I stayed pretty full. I only had cravings when I was hungry. When I was hungry I did another shake just to be full again and not crave any food.

Last shake - Again, too much ice and the natural nut butter but it was fine.

The started the week exercising great as planned and I headed out of town with protein, Superfood, shakers and portions of nut butter. I learned to that I actually went from dreading the nut butter to excited to eat it. WHAAAAT???

Since I was with coworkers at lunch and dinner, I did eat veggies one day and a salad another night. I don’t feel bad when I eat because I am fine with making healthy choices and I don’t feel deprived or like I had to have a little bread or dessert. It’s all good! I didn’t beat myself up and I kep with the shakes on schedule.

So, all in all the week was awesome! I am in the swing of things and NOT looking back. I did my measurements late and my pictures but I got them done in the first week, which is better than nothing right. My goal is to lose inches, which I can tell in my workout clothes, I am losing a bit. Yeah!!!

IMPORTANT LESSON: Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my son visited the emergency and broke his arm. SUPER scary and the old me would have eaten the Haagen Daaz in the freezer. But guess what… I didn’t touch it. I didn’t want to and I was fine with it. This is what I hoped would happen. That I would not be an emotional eater or stress eater. But I never, ever expected it so soon. I am so happy with my results so far and I haven’t even touched the surface!!

I will try to update my log more often but daily is tough for me. I am not traveling this week, so I hope not to fall off the exercise train.

Bethanie good job fighting off the stress eating. I struggle mightily with that.

For the shakes, one thing that works well for me is using only 2-3 ice cubes and adding a bit of cinnamon, vanilla, or pumpkin pie spice. Really helps me swallow down the last shake of the day. The shakes taste decent already, but the little bit of extra spice really helps me.

Good luck!

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