Best Way to Use Surge Workout Fuel and Mag-10 for Training


I did some searching and found a few varied responses about these two products being combined. I am wondering the best way to take them during a workout. Can I mix the two together and drink pre/during or should I just use Surge Workout Fuel duringand then wait 1 hour to use Mag-10? I am coming from using Surge Workout Fuel during and Surge Recovery post…but wanted to try switching things up.



I prefer to do Surge Workout Fuel pre and sip on it during my training session, and then I do Mag-10 and wait a hour and do a meal. I usually don’t wait a hour post workout. But if you double scoop the Surge Workout Fuel you can wait a little before you have Mag-10.


Awesome! I will try that. Thanks.