Best Way to Use Shakes w/ Early Morning Workout?

Hi Chris, I ordered by supplements for the V-Diet last Monday and I’m hoping I get them in time before next Monday so I can begin then. I have a couple questions though, first thing, would you recommend me starting the diet on any other day other than a Monday? It would be much simpler to begin then but would it be OK to just push everything back a day and start on Tuesday (If delivery gets to me on Monday)?

Second, I normally workout first thing in the morning with only a shake before, a shake after and a mid-morning snack a couple of hours before lunch. What’s the best way to space my meals for a morning workout? I came up with a few options but I’m not even sure if they make any sense in the context of this diet:

  1. Have first shake before workout, and then after workout, drink post workout mix
  2. Have half the shake before workout, have the rest during workout and after drink post workout mix
  3. Have a fasted workout, only black coffee and water before, and then have my post workout mix. Then have the first shake around mid-morning

Does any of these options make any sense or would you recommend something else?

  1. You can start the V-Diet whenever you want. Just keep in mind the HSM day where you have a solid meal. Most people like that to fall on Saturday or Sunday for social reasons – dinner with the family, date night, etc. It needs to be the same every week.

Also, think about your training. The V-Diet weight training plan is 3 days per week plus the body weight conditioning day. Do you want to lift Mon, Wed, Fri? Or Tue, Thurs, Sat? Some prefer the weekend off from weights. It’s up to you, just keep those things in mind.

  1. Do not lift weights fasted. It’s like driving a car on empty. Have a Metabolic Drive shake before training, then Surge Recovery right after. You can do the NEPA walks fasted if you’d like on non-weight-training days, then have your first MD shake right after.

Thanks Chris. They arrived today so I’ll be able to start Monday as planned

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