Best Time for HIIT?

Hi,Chris I start to training 6x a week (before coached 3) I wonder if I can do HIIT, if I may make a routine so! I train in the morning!

You can do it whenever you want if you feel you need that type of training. Many prefer to separate those sessions from their weigh training sessions. But this depends on a lot variables that I don’t know about your training.

Here are some helpful articles:

I training the morning from Monday to Friday and Saturday afternoon you think I should do HIIT before or after (read that before indicated, more to lose strength training …)


Ok,I lift weights and then do HIIT?

That’s one way to do it. There are others. The list of articles provided above give you many choices.

and how many grams of protein per kilo you think good?

It’s not so much about grams based on body weight, but type of protein/aminos and timing. 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight (unless very overweight) is an okay rule of thumb though.

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