Best Supplements for Bulking?

I’m looking to put on some pounds without putting on fat first. I’m currently 6’1” 180 and my goal is to get up to 200. Will be following a strict diet with lots of daily calories.

What is your plan for workout nutrition? I would start there, as everything else builds off of solid workout nutrition. You can’t beat Plazma.

I’d also look into pulsing with Mag-10 after your workouts, and maybe between a meal or two during the day if your budget allows.

There are other supplements that will complement those nicely, such as Indigo-3G, Micro-PA, and Carbolin 19, but I’d definitely start with Plazma and Mag-10.

Definitely Plazma and Mag-10 or even Surge Recovery. Throw a scoop of micronized creatine in there and then a solid meal an hour or so later and you’ll be golden. Also try Indigo-3G and Flameout to help maximize insulin sensitive and make sure those carbs are going toward building muscle. One last product worth mentioning is the Elite Pro Minerals, which will help eliminate any deficiencies and ensure your test is high.

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