Best Supplement to Take on Holiday / Vacation?

Question: Best supplement to take on holiday / vacation ?

I am for the moment on: Brain Candy OR Hot-Rox (alternating) , Creatine, Whey and Casein protein powders, BCAA caps, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoid Acid, Indigo-3G/Plazma/MAG-10 combo, and ElitePro Mineral Support/FlameOut/Curcumin.
A lot to take daily. What do you think of his stack anyway?

Next month (summer) I am going on holiday / vacation for twice a week.
I will not be able to workout, or looking for a possibility to do so.

If I could take only 1 or 2 supplements along to preserve muscle and keep lean (11%BodyFat for the moment) what would it be?
Any advice?



Easiest question I’ve had all day. Thanks. :wink:

EDIT: Guess I could spare a little more detail. Ha. If you’re going some time without training, Mag-10 would be the best insurance to preserve muscle because of the type of protein it contains.

Many of the other supplements you listed work best because of how they help the body respond to training, but pulsing with Mag-10 can be done without any training and should still tip the body’s nitrogen balance into “muscle mode” instead of “fat mode.”

If the vacation means a “relaxed” approach to nutrition, Mag-10 would also serve as the Yin to deliciously indulgent cheat meal’s Yang. Meaning, if you eat a bunch of junk during the day but also have one or two Mag-10 pulses when you’re not gorging, you can rest easy knowing that you still got some very high quality protein among everything else.

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