Best Supplement for 59 Years Old?

Hi I would like to know the best supplement to take I work out regularly and I have plenty of energy my body is stuck in my mid 40’s and want to lean my mid section, I’m 178 lbs 5’8 I have an athletic body want my midsection to be 32 i’m 34 now

The first thing to do is get some basic bloodwork from your doctor to check your hormone levels. This talks more about it:

If you have low Testosterone, and most guys 40+ have it to some degree, then it’s something to consider addressing. Not just for the improved muscle and fat loss benefits, but for basic health. Everything from heart health to brain function can be affected by low T. Alpha Male is a natural Test booster if you’re not up for a full TRT protocol from the doc.

After that, workout nutrition is always the place to start so you can optimize recovery between training sessions and boost performance during workouts. Plazma is top of the line there.

Indigo-3G is probably the next thing to consider adding to help specifically with fat loss. It’s a nutrient partitioner, which basically means it “re-trains” your body how to use carbs for fuel instead of storing them as fat. So when you setup your diet with quality protein, healthy fats, and clean carbs, it can help get things in order.

Last thing to consider is Flameout. It’s a high-quality fish oil that has plenty of health benefits (natural anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular benefits, etc.) and it’s also been shown to help boost fat loss. This talks more about the benefits:

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