Best Product to get Shredded

Tommy asks:

I am wondering which product you recommend.

I am 5’10 and weigh 187-191.

I am active in the gym 3-5 times a week and do a few hit specific classes a week. So I can easily burn 500-900 calories in a day. I started about 215 and have done well in losing weight. I want to focus on BMI. I want to get shredded but not loss any muscle mass. I have been reading a lot about the Plazma lines you offer. Is that the best product for recovery and helping loss of weight? I would like to again stay at this weight or gain weight and get more muscle definition in the process. Oh and I have no problem doing cardio at all!! :blush:

Any help to what I need before I purchase would be much appreciated!

Plazma is the top of the line for workout recovery, performance in the gym, and muscle growth, yep. Those three things can combine and lead to better fat loss in the long run.

Indigo-3G would be the next-best thing to consider. It’s a nutrient partitioner, which basically means it helps your body convert carbs into fuel rather than have them stored as bodyfat.

Enthusiasm is awesome, and you’ve definitely seen killer progress so far, but to get shredded, make sure you have enough muscle once you get lean. So over-emphasizing cardio might be counter-productive. You want to emphasize weight training while doing some cardio, not vice versa.

This discusses some ways to setup a plan for great results:

What does your nutrition plan look like?