Best Product For Muscle Gains

Will asks:

I am looking to do a clean bulk. I have just discovered your brand and have a question about which product may be best for muscle gains. I am looking at Plazma™ and Micro-PA®. They both speak of muscle growth but which has offers the best gains?

Those are both great muscle builders, but they work totally differently.

Plazma is workout nutrition - actual protein and carbs that your body basically turns into larger muscles, along with other ingredients to help performance during training and recovery after training.

Micro-PA triggers an enzyme in the body that turns on a muscle-building switch, so you essentially get a better response to weight training.

Plazma is something that every lifter should be having when they train to allow better workouts, faster recovery, and more growth. Micro-PA is a bit more targeted because it amplifies the muscle-building results from bodybuilding-type training. (It’s not as effective for size if you mainly did more powerlifting-type workouts, because obviously the same training stimulus wouldn’t be there in the first place).

Long story short, Plazma is more fundamental to growth. Once that’s in place, there would be no problem adding Micro-PA on top of it to maximize results.

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