Best Plan

Hi, any information is greatly appreciated.

When I was younger I was very athletic. When I was in my early 20’s I weighed around 200 pounds with very little of that being fat. My dad was a body builder and it seemed I got good genetics as I had good muscle size and low fat without lifting weights. Having said that, I was very active in sports, hiking, etc.

Fats forward 28 years and several years of sitting at a desk and I am now over 100 pounds overweight. I get very little exercise as “just don’t feel like it most the time.”

I recently purchased a gym membership and go sometimes but don’t really get much in as far as weigh training.

I have researched tons of diets and programs and would like to commit to one soon. In your opinion, is the Velocity diet a good starting diet for someone in as bad as shape as I am in? I feel confident that I can start and finish the 28 day plan. I have reviewed a lot of photos of people that have done the 28 days and it looks like they have gottten great results. Having said that, none of the pics I reviewed were of people as heavy as I am.

If I decided to do the Velocity diet, what other supplements by Biotest would you all recommned to speed up results?

One other bit of information. Drinking shakes throughout the day will be no problem. I routinely consume very low calories until 5:00 PM. It’s after 5:00 PM that gets me. A large supper and snacking.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It helped me to share with friends/family that I’m doing the Velocity Diet. That way it’s harder for me to cheat - I have others to help keep me accountable.

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