Best Metabolic Drive Flavor?

Hello all,

Which flavor is the best, want to order some but haven’t used it before?

I would go with the chocolate or vanilla. Vanilla is the most versatile as you can add cocoa and PB2 in a blended shake. It’s more of an empty canvas. If you are doing them as stand alone shakes having a variety is good.

I only even order the banana ONCE, and if I was strawberry I’ll add them in or some other berries.

I’ve only tried Vanilla but it is pretty good!

All are great, but I like vanilla and chocolate for their versatility.

By FAR the chocolate is the best. Even if you get another flavor, get at least one chocolate because it makes the others better when mixed.

If you want to add external flavorings, then vanilla works. Alone the vanilla is pretty boring. I couldn’t be bothered to buy flavorings so I always mix one or two of the other flavors with vanilla.

A secret for improving the mouth feel and making a richer shake is to add lecithin granules and a little ice in the blender.

@Chuckfrancis I’ve discovered that mixing the strawberry, banana, and superfood make a great morning treat after the NEPA walk. I use a little less water so it’s more like a smoothie.

It may sound a little weird, but I like to mix all 4 together. It tastes like a banana split.

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