Best MAG-10 Pulsing Strategy - Maximum Mass

Hey Chris,

I was just wondering what your advice would be for how to best utilize MAG-10 for achieving the most rapid gains in muscle mass.

How many pulses per day?

Is there a point of diminishing returns to adding more pulses in a day beyond a certain amount?


Good question. Optimal times for <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 pulses are 30 minutes prior to meals, between meals that are six hours apart, and post-workout, when the body is already in a hyper-responsive state and needs the additional protein. The latter is assuming you’re already taking care of pre and intra-workout with Plazma or Surge workout Fuel.

Additional times for pulsing that we’ve found very effective are before bed, middle of the night (when you wake naturally to use the bathroom), or first thing in the AM when you are truly fasted and the muscles would be very responsive to an anabolic pulse of nutrients – this could simply mean pre-breakfast in practical terms.

Lastly, if you do any conditioning type of work as an extra or off-day session, sipping Mag-10 throughout with prevent any muscle breakdown.

There is no upper limit, but practically, using the guidelines above, you could pulse 4-5 times per day pretty easily.

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