Best Diet Post Velocity?


I’m finishing up week 1 of phase 2 and have so far gone down from 240 to 215 and could not be more pleased. I do still have a bit of a gut and some man boobage I need to dispose of before I will be totally comfortable.

With that being said, I have some post V-Diet questions. Is there a recommended diet you endorse for a followup? If not, how many calories should I allow myself? Finally, how long should I wait before I attempt another round of velocity?


We have tons of diet plans here in the TNation archives.

But get away from counting calories. It’s about choosing good foods. The “100 Gram Carb Cure” is a good plan to look into: <a href=""target=“new”>100 Gram Carb Cure

Also checkout Indigo-3G:

<a href=“"new”>Store Page

<a href=""target=“new”>Original Indigo-3G Article

Lots of V-Dieters have moved on to the Indigo Project.

I suggest at least 4 weeks before another V-Diet.