Benefits of Monotony

Just thought I’d share something that occurred to me on day 6 of my first V-Diet. I have, so far, been using only vanilla Metabolic Drive, and it occurred to me today that doing so has probably helped me quite a bit.

On the way home from my “Friday” workout I started thinking. Although everyone here probably knows that variation is a key ingredient in a training program, monotony exists in so many aspects of our lives because it makes things easier.

Think of the rise of agriculture. It turns out that rather than learning the dangers and advantages of new terrain, hunting new types of game in competition with other predators and similarly competing for gathered resources, it a lot easier to just plant a whole bunch of starchy stuff and eat it all the time. OK, fast forward 20,000 years or so and HFCS is the result, but you know what, it sure did make staying alive a lot easier and enabled the rise of civilization.

I’m a physics student, and in science, nothing wastes more time than variation. It is a requirement to perform any complex scientific task that it be broken down into the simplest possible set of repeatable steps and then, as monotonously as possible (generally employing computer code), those steps are repeated. This doesn’t just make these tasks easier, in many cases it makes them possible.

One last example. Andy Roddick. There’s a reason you’ve probably seen him hit the exact same, religiously-practiced serve 10,000 times. It’s because that serve, as monotonous as it might be, makes it easier to win tennis matches.

Humans are built for routine; as much as we might claim to love spontaneity and excitement, we are designed to crave order in much of our lives, and we’re good at it. While, generally, variety is good in a diet, the V-Diet calls for a strict routine to be followed, and I have found that the same flavour, same consistency, no adding a dash of this or that calorie-free magic extra ingredient to be extremely effective.

Not particularly profound I know, just thought I would share my post-workout musings and see what people thought.

I ordered vanilla only protein and now I’m so sick of the taste that I find it a struggle every time I have a shake. I’m not even having cravings for other food, I just want to be able to drink my damn shake without using all of my will power. The shakes use to taste fine, even great at times.

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