Benefits Are WAY More Than Weight Loss

Long story short… it’s cured my bulimia, at least that’s the way it looks. I don’t see food as the fix when I’ve got a problem, it’s caused me to really consider my thinking when it comes to food.

Instead of just buying ice cream, chocolate, cookies, etc and justifying it and bingeing then feeling shit and throwing up I just don’t binge anymore. That trigger to try and feel better through food is still there a little but it’s FAR less prevalent and when the thoughts do hit my head I ccatch them and deal with them. I think through this method eventually the thoughts will be so few and far between that it won’t be worth thinking about.

Anyway the V-Diet has given me damn good eating habits and a real desire for veges and lean meats and that sort of thing and made me really sit back and look at what role food plays in my life.

I’m by far the leanest I’ve ever been, my bulimia is behind me, my use of food as a cover for other mental issues looks to be well on the way to being behind me and I feel great. It all started with my first V-Diet run in Feb and was set in stone by my second fun in June.

Just thought I’d share and demo that the stuff about the V-Diet having other effects besides the physical are definitely true.

That’s great news. Feels so good to be 100% in control of what you eat don’t it!

hello to you…It’s very interesting …One of the reason I was interested by doing the V-Diet, was to experience the taste change and see if it could have an impact on my bulimia as well…Up to now it is working pecfectly. But I’m in a diet mod (well usually even in a diet mode I had crisis)… How long have you been doing the diet, How long have you been done with the diet???

Congrats to you

oupppppps I read your post again and you mentioned february sorrryyyyy!!!
Between february and the 2nd run, you were in control?

Awesome story, ozzyaaron!

Funny, I was just talking to someone about the V-Diet and trying to explain to them that the fat loss, while great, is really just a nice side effect of the positive changes in cravings, tastes, and food-related behaviors. It’s truly some powerful stuff.

Great work, oz!

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