Below 125 Lbs

My wife and I are gonna do this program but she’s 5’3" and weighs 112lbs. The minimum weight allowed for calculating how much to order is 125. Is this a problem for her size? Should she just go with that recommendation?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like she doesn’t even need to do the diet. She’s so skinny already.

That’s what I’m thinking but she wants to lose the little fat she has around her ass and thighs. She probably doesn’t need to do this but she won’t listen to me.

Why is she going on a diet? 112lbs at 5’3" is tiny.

The V-Diet is NOT for her.

signed “The guy who invented the V-Diet”

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
The V-Diet is NOT for her.

signed “The guy who invented the V-Diet”

Excellent. Thanks Chris.

Hi, this is the wife. Don’t listen to my husband. I may be relatively small and in decent shape - but I have about 5 lbs of thunderous thighs that have been hanging on for dear life. I’m about 16-18% body fat and even as a personal trainer, I can’t seem to kick that final 5 lbs to get to where I want to be. I want to feel confident in a swimsuit for the first time and this program looks like something that can finally get me there.

Isn’t % body fat more important than overall body weight when it comes to leaning out?

Sorry if this is a repeat, I thought I already posted but now can’t find it…

This is the wife. I may be relateively small and in decent shape, but I still have 16-18% body fat, all of it located directly on my ass. The dreaded stubborn cellulite. Even being a personal trainer this last 5 lbs of fat is hanging on for dear life and I need something drastic to finally give it the boot. I want to feel confident in a swimsuit for the first time and this program looks like it could give my ass the tough love it needs.

My husband has way less body fat than I to lose so I don’t understand how this program applies to him and not myself. Isn’t % body fat more important than overall weight when it comes to leaning out?

Wife, you are really small. At that weight, it doesn’t sound like you have a lot of muscle. But I am no expert there.

Are you training heavy? Just lifting big weights will do wonders to your body composition if you have a clean diet.

Normal healthy body fat for women is 18-25%, so I am at the low range with 16-18%. I actually put muscle on very easily and have very little fat on my upper body. We eat quite clean to begin with but there’s room to fine tune and I know that will help. Several months ago I was training hard, heavy, and eating ridiculously well for an upcoming vacation - and I got down to 14% BF.

But I still didn’t see the changes in the lower body that I had hoped for. If you know anything about cellulite - it is fat cells that get caught in the connective tissue which cause dimpling - and it is extremely difficult to reduce them. This happens during puberty when females hormones go wild and growth of certain areas speeds up. Exercise is the best known remedy but even then I had absolutely no fat on my upper body and they were still clinging on for dear life. My hope is that an extreme program like this will once and for all kick them out and that it will be easier to maintain after that.

As Shugart said, the V-Diet is not for you.

If you have not already done so, perhaps you might want to consider Dr. Berardi’s Precision Nutrition.

In addition, a variety of factors (including genetics) have been indicated to contributing factors for cellulite. Some of which are smoking, hormonal contraceptives and food additives. (Not saying any or all apply to you, but something to know.)

What is clear is that starvation diets (And the V Diet is an extreme calorie restrictive diet, make no mistake) do NOT affect cellulite in already lean people.

What I am trying to say is, there are probably more enjoyable ways to help your dilemma than to resort to the V Diet.

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