Bella's Velocity Diet

Hi I am a 21 year old female. I am a D1 athlete and our season just got cut short due to the coronavirus so I thought this was a good opportunity to go home and try something different. I am 140 pounds but I want to improve my speed and feel stronger in my sport. I am actually on day 5 of the diet and wasn’t planning on getting on this forum but I wanted to follow the plan exactly and hold myself accountable.

I started on 4/2/20.
Day 1-5 so far I have stuck to the diet plan exactly how it is and have completed two of the beginner workouts so far on 4/3 and 4/6 I also completed the beginner Vburn challenge on Saturday.

The first few days I was very hungry but as the week has gone on my cravings have slowly stopped. I will post every day from now on and inform you on my progress.

Day 6.
Non workout day.

Stuck with the plan as is & had all shakes today. Made myself a healthy meal for dinner. My NEPA consisted of a 3 mile walk. Excited for my workout tomorrow & I will officially be one in week in!

Day 7.

One week in.
Weight : 134.5
I lost 5.5 pounds.

Today I had my workout and I have a question- do you guys use dumbbells when you do the workout or do you use the barbell?

Day 8.
Non workout day.
Start to week 2.
Been sticking to the diet as is and got my NEPA in. excited for my workout tomorrow and week 2!

Forgot to post on day 9.
Yesterday I had my Friday beginner workout and have stuck to the diet plan exactly how it is. I also did my NEPA later in the afternoon.

Day 10
Today I completed my second Vburn challenge in less time than I did the first one. So far a great start to week 2!

Day 11.
Non workout day.
Got me NEPA in today & stuck to the diet. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Day 12.
Monday workout - the reps were getting a little easier so I went up in weight. Have stuck to the diet 100% and the cravings are slowing going away. It’s pretty much all routine now. Got my nepa in today too. Almost finished with week 2!

Day 13.
Non workout day.
Did a 3 mile walk for my nepa today.
Weighing in tomorrow to end week 2!

Day 14. - forgot to post yesterday.
Weight : 131 pounds
I lost 3.5 pounds from last week and 9 pounds total.
I did the Wednesday beginner workout and got my nepa walk in. Have been sticking to the diet 100%. On to week 3!

Day 15.
Non workout day. 3 mile walk for Nepa.
Friday beginner workout tomorrow. Feeling good!

Day 16.
Friday beginner workout. Nepa 2 mile walk. Sticking to the diet 100%. Week 3 going well!

Day 17. Forgot to post
Non workout day. Got my nepa in. 3 mile walk.

Day 18. Today.
Vburn challenge. Completed it faster than last weeks times.
Stuck to the diet 100%. Wrapping up week 3 this week.

Day 19.
Monday beginner workout.
2 mile walk
Day 20
Off day. 4 mile walk

Both does have 100% stuck to the diet. I’m excited to take my measurements and weigh in tomorrow to wrap up week 3.

Day 21.
End of week 3
Weight : 131 pounds.
Same as last week - didn’t lose or gain a pound.
Workout : Wednesday beginner workout & nepa 2 mile walk.
Onto the final week!

Day 22
Non workout day.
Nepa 3 mile walk.
Day 23
Friday beginner workout
Nepa 1 mile walk.
So far sticking to the diet as is.
Almost done!

Day 24.
No workout
Nepa 2 mile walk
Day 25.
Completed my last vburn challenge !!
Sticking to the diet. almost to the finish line.

day 26.
Monday beginner workout
Nepa: 3 mile walk
Sticking to diet.

2 more days left !

Day 27
Non workout day
nepa 3 mile walk.
Last day tomorrow!

Day 28.
weight : 130 pounds
So a total of 10 pounds lost.
Did my last beginner workout today and about to get my nepa in!
I am so proud and happy I completed this diet.

Great work bella. Congrats on the V-Diet. ive done it myself a few times and it is not easy!

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