Bell6594's Velocity Diet (Round 2)

Hey guys/gals,

Last summer I did the Velocity diet and got some awesome results. Then in the fall, I started my junior year in college with a mechanical engineering degree. Needless to say, working out was put on the back burner, behind partying, eating terribly and being physically lazy.

Time to tear it up again…here we go. Today I had what I am calling a “Transition Day.” I used up the few remaining protein bars for two meals and followed the V-Diet for the remaining 3 meals. Tomorrow will be the 1st actual day on the diet.

Below is my After picture from the V-diet last year. Also my current Before photo. Hopefully I’ll get close to reaching my After photo from the last go around.

I am working an internship this summer in San Diego, so I have limited resources…i.e. no camera (hince the terrible webcam pictures) and no measurement devices. I’ll figure something out to take measurements in the next couple days.

After last V-Diet:

After Front:



Wow dude. I see you got absolutely shredded after your last V-Diet.

Doesn’t even look like you are all that far away right now. You have a high standard for yourself at a pretty young age…that will serve you quite well through life, I am sure.

Good luck.

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