Being That Person (Diet Critique)


Okay Chris, so I decided to be that person and ask what you think of my current dietary plan & if you think I need to tweak it any. I know this is such a open question with so many variables and that kind of thing - but yea here it is my current regime

workout - strength days
1/2 FINiBAR (before workout)
2 scoops Surge (after workout)
2 scoops MD, scoop luecine (about an hour after workout)
1 scoop MD for lunch
1 scoop MD for 3o’clock meal
HSM for dinner at 6 o’clock or so, normally this includes a fruit. (as of late this has been either a coconut flour pizza crust with the philly cheesesteak fixins - fat free cream cheese or dead chicken in a pan, with cashew butter)

Monday/thursday - pulse days, one of my strength workouts are on MOnday so I have a couple extra of MAG-10. Depending on How i am feeling on Friday (another strength day) I might have a whole FINiBAR instead of 1/2.

Currently my workouts are like this
M/W/F - strength workouts
T/T/Sun - conditioning type something or BW something (pretty open and variable, usually 15-20 minutes though)
Saturday - Rest day (kinda, I usually do something, just not hard or heavy)

Here is the link to my log if you are interested in my workouts at all…

Thanks for all your hard work and help, I have made leaps & bounds since I started on the V-Diet and changed my eating habits in March.


Funny, it looks an awful like how Mrs. Shugart and I eat almost daily! We sometimes do two solid meals, then the rest shakes and peri-workout supps, but very often it looks much as you outlined.

So, looks good to me!


Thanks for the reply Chris. Sounds like great minds think alike - especially since I read your stuff all the time -right? Whatever they pay I’m sure it ain’t enough–tell em I said that you need a raise!!! :slight_smile:

Time to keep after it!!


Way to go N8tive! Great workout plan, great meal plan!


Mrs.Shugs Thanks for you kind words :slight_smile: