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Hi everybody. Today is my sixth day. I must confess…last night I snapped. I had my HSM on Sunday, but last night I couldn’t take it anymore and I had a salad after work. This blows goats. Somebody please tell me something good, bad, or indifferent about this plan.

I am trying to stay focused, but the thing is, my office has a side bet going on me not finishing. Yesterday they said hey lets go do this…so I say ok. They drove me to Whataburger where they all sat down and ate in front of me. Great bunch of guys those knuckle heads. Anyhow, I’m just looking to converse with people who know how this goes down, because it aint easy. Thank guys.

I would suggest not being a wussy.

[smiley face and all that]

You need to get pissed off and just get it done.

Read this:

Lol. Epic. Not the exact advice I was looking for, maybe an atta’ boy or something along those lines, but never the less, oddly inspiring!! Good article by the way. I learned that the office side bet should piss me off, and I should punch them all in the face. Once again, not the exact advice I was looking for, but oddly appropriate. Lol.

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