Beginner Nutrition/Supplements, Labor Intensive Job

Hi im a 28 yr old male and my goal is to build strength and size… My issue is that i dont know where to begin with nutrition and supplements… I recently added around 30 lbs to my overall weight which took many months of a calorie surplus and plenty of time in the gym… However i more recently lost almost all the weight and a lot of the muscle… Part of my problem is that i work a very labor intensive job and im really not sure what adjustments need to be made due to that fact…

Sucks to hear you lost the size you had put on. That’s primarily a calorie issue. You’ve got to eat enough to support your day’s activities, even if it’s tough to schedule.

For general nutrition, if you have an active day then you shouldn’t be avoiding carbs. The phrase “earn your carbs” usually refers to adding muscle without putting on fat, but if you’re doing manual labor, then you’ve already giving your body a way to put those carbs to use.

Focus on quality animal protein in every meal, with healthy fats, good carb sources (like potatoes, rice, and fruit), and vegetables. I’d shoot for the time-tested three square meals a day instead of stressing about trying to eat every 2-3 hours. It worked for a century with old school lifters, so it’s a solid approach.

What’s your current height, weight, and general bodyfat?

One thing that tends to work well for guys with active jobs is actually not doing a ton in the gym most days of the week. There are plenty of very effective 2 or 3 day routines that allow enough recovery and still build strength and size. This is one 3 day a week plan. It’s often just too much to try recovering from working 40+ hours on your feet plus adding another 8-10 hours in the gym each week.

As far as supplements go, keep an eye for when Surge Workout Fuel comes back in stock. It’s sort of a very-upgraded Gatorade that helps with hydration, endurance, and muscle recovery. Mag-10 is the next-best thing to go with, or Finibars if you want something solid to snack on.

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