Before Pics | Velocity Diet Starts Tomorrow

My back story is a pretty typical one. Athletic guy in high school, got more educated about my workouts in college, got down to 9% body fat, got married. 8 Years later, I got a mortgage, side projects after work, 2 kids, and gained 60 pounds. It wasn’t because I had ‘caught my wife and could get fat for life.’ It was more because I couldn’t justify spending 60 to 90 minutes a day on myself when so many other people needed my time to be spent on other things.

Around Thanksgiving 2014 I decided life had calmed down enough for me to put some time back into taking care of myself. On top of that an argument can be made that without proper balance your life becomes meaningless anyway, and you can’t spend time with your kids if you die of any number of diseases amplified by obesity. It’s no fun taking the stairs in your own home and being out of breath as you read your daughter her good night story.

Okay so January 1st 2015 I weighed 308lbs. At 6’5" that doesn’t look too bad, but that’s just what a heavy guy tells himself to feel better. Since then I’ve lost 30lbs, several belt sizes and gained a lot of strength and confidence. I found along the way and have been adding and building my workout plan based on the new things I’m learning.

The Velocity Diet became very appealing to me as a way to hyper focus my attention. Almost like a workout cleanse.

Here are my numbers and pictures as of today.

Weight 279.8
Neck 16
Shoulders 57.5
Chest 49.75
Waist 1 45.5
Waist 2 47.5
Waist 3 48.5
Hips 43
Upper Arm 17
Upper Leg 28
Calf 18.5

April 12 Current

April 12 Before

April 12 Side

April 12 Back

Finishing week 1 today. I’ve been enjoying the diet, and making healthy meals one time a day can be fun. Enjoy the journey! Blogging seems to help maintain some accountability, so if you have time, share your story!

Great job thus far! That first 30# makes a huge difference in your appearance. Keep it up!

Day 1 Complete

I tried to pick weights at the 8-9RM but didn’t quite get there. I had to go up in weight on a few lifts to find a zone where I was decreasing in the amount of reps I could do in a given set.

Got my target weights recorded for next Monday’s workout.

If anyone sees this, I do have a question about Plazma. Is it okay to mix it up the night before? I have to do my workouts at 7:30am, so I get up at 6:00am to take my first Protein shake and it would really help me out if it’s okay that I mix the Plazma the night before?

Thanks for the support, much appreciated!

yes you can mix the Plazma the night before, as long as it is refrigerated it will be fine.

I’d also suggest maybe just starting your day with Plazma on workout days, and having the first shake of the day after the workout. certainly that first shake isn’t giving you anything that the Plazma isn’t (in other words fuel for the workout).

Wow, really great progress. Keep it up.

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