Before and Afters


Hello all,

So this is my fiance. 30 y/o female, 5’9 tall. We are getting married on August 13th and she has just completed the first four weeks of the V-Diet. As you can probably guess she is also shy and was pretty reticent about having photos done and put on the internet! I’ve created a profile for her in case she wants to use it in the future.

I’m really really proud of her. She is not a sporty person and this has been hard work. I’m very impressed with the results. I think the ab shot and the back biceps poses really show how far she has come.

Gone from 74kg to 68.5kg.

Using all the V-Diet measurements she has lost a total of 18.5 inches, mainly form the stomach, legs and thighs.

The only other thing to mention is she is not certain how much change there has been! Can I therefore ask for anyone who thinks there has been a change to comment.

Thanks all and keep up the good work!









Wow. I can certainly see her results! Look at that defined midsection! Tell her she did a great job!

She’s probably thinking there hasn’t been much change because she’s only looking at scale numbers, which mean very little. The real story is in her pics and the 18 inches lost.


Thanks so much for saying that. She got herself in a bit of a state by weighing herself…nearly every flipping day for the last week and getting fed up the numbers weren’t moving…and yes, she knew that was a bad idea!

She hasn’t actually seen the pics yet as we did them late last night and she’s at work till 6 tonight so I’m hoping that will be the proof.

This really is a fool proof plan! Loving the HSM recipes too! Massive thanks to yourself and the whole of TNation!


If she argues about not seeing results its time to bring her to the eye doctor :stuck_out_tongue: The improvements pop right at you! I think she will be pumped when she sees the pictures side by side! Awesome stuff


He’s left himself logged in so I thought I’d leave a note:

Thanks for the kind words - I’m blown away by the difference, it’s not actually as apparent in the photos as I can see in real life! The before photos however, compared to how I look now when I look in the mirror - i’m amazed.

And for the first time in my life I can do proper press ups!

It was really quite hard at points - but I’m totally inspired to keep on at improving :smiley: I didn’t realise that I could be one of those girls who could look properly lovely in a bikini. :slight_smile: