Before and After?



One of the reasons that I’ve looked at the velocity diet is the drastic change that Gus achieve during the Body Transformation a few years ago. In no offense to other people who have used the diet, I’m not seeing the same level of change between their before and after as Gus achieved.

Any idea why the descrepancy? Should I bring down my expectations for myself?


Gus had a lot of muscle under his body fat. Those folks always make the best “before and afters.”

For him, the V-Diet plus some Transition time after was all he needed to reach peak shape. Others use the V-Diet as a fast jumpstart on their goals, but they know they have longer to go. Someone can lose 20 pounds of fat, build a little muscle, and still not be at their goal physique yet. It’s just a 4-6 week diet after all. But that doesn’t mean that their progress wasn’t incredibly good for such a short period of time.


You have to consider strength levels too. All other parameters are fixed with the training program (i.e. total volume, rest, cals, etc.), so what really makes or breaks the difference in the intensity of workout is how much weight they are moving.