Before and After Pics


Hello all! Just wanted to share my before and after Pics! I’m not able to take the after pics in the same place as the before pics until Wednesday, but I wanted to share nontheless! Hope they load up!!!


I can’t load up my after, hang on …


Here’s my after pic …


Nice work! I don’t think you have any body fat left!

Now it’s time to keep the leanness and add some muscle!


I am SO ready to keep going! I didn’t realize how well I’d done until I had to change shirts in the middle of teaching class … Then I heard all the Cat Calls, and whistles to me!!! It was great! Had a few students who hadn’t seen me in about 6 weeks, give me the “Holy F*** what have you done!!!” look when they saw me … AND ran into my Ex (who I don’t want to say has gotten fatter since she walked away from me … So I’ll say she got Fluffier!!!) … Yeah that was fun rubbing it in a little …


Very nice work! Yeah, nothing better than running into an X after making a transformation. I am hoping the day comes when I run into my college girlfriend. She basically broke up with me because I had gotten too fat. She started cheating on me with some puny looking runt. She ended up marrying him. Obviously I could give two shits now but at the time it broke my heart. Now I have a wife 10 times hotter than she was. I want to run into them someday. Show that bitch what she missed out on and how my current wife looks like a model. Even after having our two kids.

But congrats to you on your hard work. Keep going!


PS: And I hope we run into each other at a pool or beach. She will be wearing her tank-ini with her cellulite ass hanging out. And her current husband sitting there with his arms no bigger than his wrists weighing 120 lbs. soaking wet. Oh how I would love that day… Because yes, she got fat as hell after having a child. I LOVE IT!