Before and After for UK V-Dieter

Hi all, just thought I would share my V-Diet success from a UK perspective, hopefully you will be able to see my before and after shots:

BEFORE - 111kg

Phew got there in the end, please see below for the before and after pics

AFTER - 99.5kg

By the way I logged the 28 days on a UK site, if anyone wants the full story, check this out:

Can anyone see any of these pictures??

This is my attempt at a more artistic shot!

Only one…the last one …where you ask "can anyone see the picture)

[quote]shonaa wrote:
Only one…the last one …where you ask "can anyone see the picture)[/quote]

Ok thanks, I have tried sooo many times to get them to show and they are only like 20KB each

After phots:


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