Before and After, 239 to 202

Went from 239 to 202, and dropped 6 inches on the waist.

The before.

Wow! Killer results!

What was the time frame? I assume it was the V-Diet plus Transition, so at least 6 weeks, right? Or was it longer? Great results regardless!

The after was taken one week into the transition phase.

[quote]srjensen wrote:
The after was taken one week into the transition phase.[/quote]

Wow. VERY good results then.


What’s next?

How many pounds of that weight loss was from getting rid of all that body hair?

Just kiddin (although you do look a hell of a lot better without it).

Amazing transformation. Not sure what’s more impressive…the nearly 40 pounds lost or 6 inches off the waist. Those are huge numbers.

I am going to try the Green Faces diet as per the TMuscle article and try to ditch a few more % and I am going to start John Romaniello’s EDT for Fat Loss or a version of it for four weeks. After that I would like to start re-introducing fruits as well as following Dr. Clay Hyght’s recommendations for carb cycling because I would like to gain 10 or so pounds of lean mass in the next six months. The V diet is definitely going to be a staple every summmer though, I have been following peoples results for almost two years now and still cant believe my own results. Thanks for your comments!

I would wager that 11lbs came off in the form of chest hair and maybe 5 from the back haha, thanks, it was a hell of a month.

I read the Green Faces article and it sounds a lot like the Primal Blueprint. Same principles and since I switched to that eating lifestyle I immediately dropped a good 5lbs or so. Now using V-Diet to try and get more weight off quicker. Check out if you haven’t heard about it.

You look awesome dude, good f’ing work!

I will check it out thanks!

Whats your measurement around the belly button?

10 lbs must have been from the chest hair. Jk, nice job, great results. :slight_smile:

 -Nick Christensen

Impressive results.

What happened with your strength while doing the V-Diet?

Great results, Inspiring. I’m on Day 3, would love to see similar results in the abdominal and pectoral areas by week 6.

Nice results bro

can you talk more about your Nepa ? was it an hour on average or did you just walked all day long…you lost weight more than anyone here i guess

Nice results there mate. I am doing a cut at the moment so it is nice to see people getting results I can aspire to.

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