Before & Afters: V-Diet

As per suggested by TKD a while back, and Mr. Shugart himself, we should all (if we want!) post a before and after for those who are considering doing this.

So I guess I’ll start! Hopefully some more will too.

Also: For those of you who are interested in keeping in touch, staying motivated with like minded people, have successfully completed the V-Diet, and want to keep the new healthy habits forever, you are invited to join the Velocity Victors google group at:

Lisa’s Before & After 28 days
Pounds Lost: 10
Inches Lost: 23

189.6 => 169.6

[quote]austin2174 wrote:
Lisa’s Before & After 28 days[/quote]

Awesome. I think the really cool thing here is that Lisa lost “only” 10 pounds of scale weight, but lost 23 inches! Over 7 inches of that in the belly area! I’m betting she added some muscle too.

It just goes to show you why tape measurements and pics are mandatory, and so much better than the scale.

GREAT job Lisa! You look awesome! Thanks for sharing. Let me know what happens in the transition.

[quote]austin2174 wrote:
Lisa’s Before & After 28 days[/quote]

Great job Lisa!!!

HEY thanks, much appreciated :wink:


Some of you guys that already completed it, c’mon! Get in here and let’s see what you got! I know there’s a ton of great befores and afters out there somewhere.

Why’d you have to use Yahoo! groups instead of Google groups? >:O

Google > Yahoo! in just about every way.

Hrm I dont know. I’ll go check it out. Honestly I didnt know there was a google groups although that’s just plain silly not knowing that. I mean, it’s Google. Blond, and all that.

Edited original post. Group is now on Google. You were right, it is much better. Thanks!!

wow lisa i must say you look amazing :slight_smile:

and you have really motivated my g/f and I to try this diet out…its incredible when you can actually see someones transformation in detail for those 28 days

I’ve been trying to cut some weight an transform my body for the last couple of months but it seems like this is what i really need

i actually wanted to start a while back but i felt i could lose about 20lbs on my own and then try the v-diet but when i tried to get it going this month the weight limit was 265 for males so i’m going to try and drop another 10 then try it but slightly modded because i can’t afford to really drop to much weight since i play college football

was looking for some threads that the guys have started but they are not at all my body type so i was second guessing if i could have some descent results and still keep alot of size and strength

well enough of the blabbing lol
i’m going to have my g/f create a user name so when she starts in the next few weeks she can have even more support from people like you :slight_smile:

keep up the great work



WOW Chammka! Great job. looking awesome. Im my opinion, you don’t need another V-Diet but if you decide to do it, we are there for you

chammka your bod totally looks like a recent girlfriends of mine!


Lost 10.6 lbs overall, cut bodyfat % by 6% (lost 17.6 lbs of fat while gaining 2.1 lbs of muscle mass), trimmed 3.5 inches off my waist, and I have more energy than I’ve had since I was 19.

VT, Nice job.
Where can I get a shirt like your avatar?

Here are ours!

Point of clarification…V-Diet was the last fours weeks of our transformation. The first 8 was through other programs discussed on this site.

Starting Weight: 239
Ending Weight: 212

Unfortunatel I didn’t do measurements but I do know that all my 40W pants are falling off me and I just bought some 34s that may even be too big soon.

Also, my Tanita BF scale (which sucks I know) was at 26% when I started and is now at 20%. I think it’s at least 5% too high because at one point I did a hydrostatic test and compared the results. I probably need to do that again.

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