Before/After Pics After 28 Days


lost 22 lbs and 21 total inches from my measurements!
i also gained a little bit of muscle, especially in my legs. very excited with the results but this is only the beginning. i still have much more work to do to get as lean as i want.


very good work,
can you give height,neck,waist before and after ? so we can estimate bf% loss
very noticeably results in the waist and your arm did not get that thin


How your belly doesn’t hang now says a ton! I bet a side shot would really show that too. Good job on the fat loss! Keep at it! Have fun shopping for new jeans haha!


that was awesome. great job!!!


Nice work man … Especially cutting during football season! Lol

  • keep it rolling … Very strong start - congrats


good work


great results and solid work…congratulation…do not stop now