Beef Jerky


I was just wondering what your thoughts are on beef jerky, like if its a good snack? I know its high in sodium, but will that really hurt me? The food is low cal, low carb, and high protein so I just wanted to see what you thought! Thanks!


I think it’s fine and salt is no problem. I do try to buy the kind that doesn’t contain much added sugar.


get a dehydrator and make it yourself. you will never go back to store bought.


As mentioned, the dehydrator is the way to go.



What kind of meat specifically would I buy for that? And can I get it really lean?


london broil is my favorite. ask the butcher to slice it to 1/4" for you


Using “Tanka Bites” currently.
Bison Jerky with Cherries (dried)
7 g protein
7 g carbs
2 g fat

Pretty tasty, best I’ve tried yet. Costly, $6 per bag, 3 servings per bag.

You can find it on Amazon.

Always looking for something better, but as of now, this is the best.


What is london broil?


here you go mcwisehart


Jerky is allowed during V-Diet?? or is this post V-Diet?


[quote]Nytebane wrote:
Jerky is allowed during V-Diet?? or is this post V-Diet?[/quote]

Not allowed in the V-Diet. Just a general question.


Biltong (south african version of jerky) is definitely the way to go, more spices and salt but no sugar used in the process whatsoever. Huge ariety of meats aswell, from beef to buffalo springbock and kudu.