Bedtime Shake Timing

On Day 1 of the V-Diet. What should be the timing of the bedtime shake? An hour before, 30 minutes before, or right at bedtime? Or, does it even matter?

Doesn’t matter much. It’s more about spreading shakes evenly throughout the day. You just don’t want to run out of shakes for the day at 6PM, or have two to go at 11PM.

Some people also like to time a shake right before bed because having a fuller stomach allows them to sleep better. (Sucks to go to bed hungry.)

Thanks Chris. If anything, I’ll be one of the ones having trouble getting them all in. I think “shake” and I’m not hungry at all. I pass by the Doritos (I work at a vending company and have access to as much junk as I could possibly ever care to eat) and my brain says “hungry” (and “salt”).
Looking forward to the “magic”.

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