Becoming a Super Hero

Looking for some help on a good stack that will help me gain muscle, recover quickly, and shed fat. After reading the descriptions of Mag-10, Plazma, & Surge…I’m not quite sure what lands where or if it’s all about the same.

I’m starting the 8 week strength and power program that was outlined not too long ago, but not sure what to take to get the best results I can.

Currently taking:

  • 1 scoop Mag-10 w/ Fish Oil & Multi Vitamin when I wake up

  • 4-6 Indigo-3G with a Hemovex pre-workout about 30 min prior to work out.

  • 1 scoop Mag-10 that I milk throughout my 60-70 min workout

  • 1 scoop Mag-10 after work out

Just not sure if this will suffice or if I could be doing more/less.
Any help would be appreciated.

Am: 35 years old: 5’11” @ 220lbs - 31 BMI w/ 22% body fat
Want: 36 years old: 5’11” and looking like a super hero to my son and wife


In my opinion, you’re wasting the indigo. That is a nutrient partitioner. After taking, you need to vastly increase your intake of carbohydrates and easily assimilated protein sources. That’s why it’s highly recommended surge workout fuel or, preferentially, plazma, prior to, during, and just as you finish training. Finibars as well. It sounds as though you’re trying to do this on a budget, and I totally understand that, it’s a mixed bag, though. We’re essentially in the same boat. I would like to use biotest products peri workout but it would run a little over $10 per training session. Can’t swing it. My suggestion would be to use indigo as you are, finibar if you can, surge workout fuel as a poor man’s choice for plazma intra-workout and mag 10 post workout.

When indigo first came out, the peri workout nutrition was different than it is now but most, including myself, were upwards of 300g of quick acting carbs and were gaining lean muscle while simultaneously leaning out. It’s amazing stuff, if you can’t afford it.

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